Our Programs

Two Programs:

  • ASA's English Language Program

  • ASA's Scholarship Program

ASA's English Language Program

ASA began teaching English in January 2016 to children and youth at the União de Mulheres Pró-Melhoramentos da Roupa Suja (UMPMRS) daycare center in Rocinha.


UMPMRS is located in the Roupa Suja section of the Rocinha favela (slum) and has been in operation for over 20 years.  Rocinha is  the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and one of the largest in South America.


ASA pays a local teacher's salary, and for all materials associated with the program such as books, teaching materials, website subscriptions, paper, arts and crafts materials and furniture.

ASA's Scholarship Program

ASA began offering scholarships to young children in need in 2018.  A scholarship for one year costs CHF 890.00 and pays for one child to attend the daycare center 5 days per week for one year and have:

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks

  • a safe place to spend the day

  • a hot bath

  • exposure to English as a dedicated part of the program

  • medical care and the support of a social worker

  • a Portuguese language program.

Each scholarship covers administrative fees related to the scholarship as well as a CHF 30.00 contribution to ASA's English Language Program.

ASA is currently providing scholarships to 6 children.

Jakeline, our English teacher, working with the little ones at the daycare center.

Jakeline in the classroom.

We have been providing scholarships to these children since 2018

We have been providing scholarships to these children since 2019

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