Infant Protection Day - November 7th

written by Jakeline Laureano

To begin with, child safeguarding is something we are all to do. We should all look out for children regardless of whether the child is ours or not.

Since I have a kid, all I have to do is to think about what I want for him, which is the same as what I want for any other kid. What would make him a happy child, and what would it take to help him get the best upbringing?

If I could, I’d erase hunger/starving, sexual predators, lack of education, lack of aid, drug dealers, and extremists from the world, as well as many other things that kids need to be protected from.

In 2018, I was invited to go to Peru in order to have a young kids and teenagers safety/protection training. I was around many experts in that subject, and all that training made me even more sure of my personal feelings toward that matter.

Being protective with the kids is important because it ensures a good future for all human race. If you are treated right the chances are that you'll do the same. Just like in the movie Pay It Forward, all the good you give can and will be spread. Kids follow role models, and if the attitude they see is good, they're more likely to repeat it continuously, and it becomes an infinite chain.


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