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Learning Sign Language

written by Jakeline Laureano

Great news! I kept myself brainstorming during my summer vacation, thinking about what could come next.

Luckily, it came to my knowledge that a course of which I longed to study, had just opened for new students, and I had a light bulb moment: "I MUST DO IT!" That was my first thought! This course is often completely booked, it has a long waiting list, it’s almost impossible to get a spot. I got lucky!

I couldn’t have imagined having a very funny deaf teacher. It's funny how although I wanted to study LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language), it never crossed my mind that a deaf person could be as funny as us hearing people are, that they have a world just like our own (which in fact is the same world). We often think of disable people as having less then we do: fun, love, social life… Actually, I got it wrong. They have full lives themselves, living and feeling at the same intensity that we do.

It’s a whole new world opening in front of me, and I feel super enthusiastic about that! Can’t wait to learn new content and to get my sign name already!


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