written by Jakeline Laureano

As society members we’re supposed to back each other up, and since the beginning of the pandemic, we haven’t been doing so. We’re responsible for keeping ourselves and others safe. A year ago the WHO (World Health Organization) settled 3 simple orientations for us to follow: Wear masks, maintain social distancing, go out only when needed. At the time we thought we were facing the worst that was to come, with a death rate of 1000 a day in Italy, and people were freaking out. How silly we were, weren’t we? We are now reaching almost 3000 deaths per day in Brazil! And why is that? Because people have chosen not to follow the doctor’s guidance. It seems to me that people are in a contest, and the winner is granted with the ‘Most Irresponsible’ award.

Being responsible is required to live in the “new normal” society. If all that it takes us to return to our normal lives is to follow some simple rules, why won’t they comply? What’s happening to those people? Don’t they have a family to look out for? Don’t they have friends? Don’t they like themselves? Don’t they wanna live? I know I want to! So respect me and everybody else: follow the rules!

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