Transparent Masks

written by Jakeline Laureano

We’re so comfortable at the top of our abilities’ thrones, that we end up not paying attention to anyone else’s needs. Using myself as an example of that, the only moment in which I thought of needing a transparent mask was when I finally started 2021’s classes. At that moment, I felt the inability to be understood by my students, especially the new ones. Although I could be easily heard (I got a loud voice), they couldn’t see my mouth’s movements - something more than necessary when learning a new language - therefore, once asked to reproduce the sound they had just heard, they would do it incorrectly.

With all the differences between both languages (Portuguese and English), and in order to make it right, it came to my mind that in addition to being heard, I ought to be seen. I told myself that I was in a deep need of a transparent mask. I still don’t have mine. They’re being sewn by a woman I don’t even know, but I already love her!

The Pandemic took place all of a sudden, and as mentioned above, I saw no one interested in making, selling or donating transparent masks.

We have been surrounded by deaf people all of our lives. You’ve met a deaf person at least once. Why haven’t we thought of their needs already? Can you imagine yourself living in a world in which, besides not being able to hear (when almost everything is about the sound), you also can’t read people’s lips in order to understand what’s being said?

Think about it.


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