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World Science Day for Peace and Development - November 10th

written by Jakeline Laureano

I believe that in order to have peace worldwide, it’s imperative that we all have in our minds ideas of equality. Once you are aware of everybody’s needs and understand that every human life is valuable, only then can you understand why scientific development is so important.

Science is not only a matter of looking through a microscope. Scientific development has a huge range; in addition to being medical and trying to find the cure for diseases, you ought to investigate the most diverse aspects of the world, which makes science also historic and cultural.

In the past two years, Brazil has been facing a lack of scientific funding. In order to pursue a doctorate, you have to immerse yourself into your research. It is your job and your study, both combined, which leads me to this question: how can you give yourself completely to studying when you don’t have the funding? Researchers are working for humanity, so every government should invest.

With that lack of funding, it leaves us 10 years behind. Think about the progress we could have reached so far if that funding had been there. There’s no way to measure what we’re losing. I wonder what we could have achieved.


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